A tradition since 1921....

Every morning, the dairymaster tastes the fresh milk brought in from the district of Cesvaine - a 90 year old tradition that still exists today.

Only the best-tasting milk makes it to “Cesvaines Piens”. Nursed by the master cheesemaker's heart and hand every day, it is formed, or how we say nurtured, until it matures into a delicious Gouda, Maasdam or Tilsiter style cheese.

The cheese produced by Cesvaine manor's cheese dairy's dairymaster, Otto ─¬vands, was awarded a gold medal for flavour at the 1913 World's Fair in Paris. Then later in 1921, the Cesvaine dairy was founded, where butter and Bakshteins cheese were first produced.

The one hundred year old delicious taste is not a coincidence! For generations, cow's milk from Cesvaine and our master cheesemaker's heart and loving hands, have given life and flavour to these cheeses.