Cheese every day...

We produce three styles of cheese: Gouda, Maasdam and Tilsiter.

Gouda: Dutch Cheese, Dutch Cheese With Reduced Fat Content 10%, Smoked Cheese, Mimolette Cheese, Spiced Cheese, Cheese With Herbs, Cesvaine Cheese 2 Months, Cesvaine Cheese 4 Months, Cesvaine Cheese 6 Months

Maasdam: Alpen Cheese (aged 1.5 months)

Tilsiter: Russian Cheese

Delicious Cheese – Acidic Cheese

Delicious, every day cheese has an acidic flavour that agrees with our taste buds and does not burden them with specific flavour nuances, but allows us to simply enjoy cheese all day long – in the morning for breakfast with fresh bread and butter, as a dessert cheese in the afternoon and as accompaniment to our favourite wine at lunch or dinner.

Gouda, Maasdam and Tilsiter style cheeses allow us to enjoy every day with simply delicious cheese, leaving the true moments of pleasure to gourmet dinners with delicacy cheeses.

When Latvia began producing Gouda style cheese, it was simply named Holandes siers (Dutch cheese), and it is still a favourite everyday cheese today just like the Tilsiter-style Russian cheese. Sometimes we feel a bit shy about it, that their name, and perhaps even their flavour, are not quite worthy of proudly being called our own, or to even talk about the culture of cheese in Latvia alongside the cheese cultures of France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy and Germany... But would it be that way even if we know, that our cheese is made in a Gouda style that comes from Holland?


The style of cheese known as Gouda originates from the village of Gouda in Holland.

Semi-hard Gouda style cheeses are famous for their rich, distinct flavour and light, smooth texture. As the cheese matures, every month its texture becomes firmer and more flavourful. The colour of waxed cheese rind changes according to the age of the cheese. A young Gouda has a golden wax rind, an aged one has a red rind and a mature Gouda cheese has a black wax rind.


As the cheese ages or matures, the flavour develops hints of sweet caramel, and, the longer it ripens, the more a light, crystal crunchiness can be detected.


Gouda style cheeses are subdivided by age or length of maturation: fresh or young cheese (4 weeks), semi-mature (8-10 weeks), mature (16-18 weeks), extra-mature (7-8 months), old (10-12 months), very old (10 months and more).


Maasdam is also a traditional, semi-hard Dutch cheese type. Maasdam style cheeses are specific and identifiable by their big cheese eyes. Maasdam was created in Holland in the 1990s as an alternative to the more expensive Swiss style Emmental cheese. Maasdam style cheeses have a high moisture content.

Maasdam style cheeses ripen 4-12 weeks. The cheese casing is naturally soft and evenly smooth. The cheese texture is creamy, semi-firm and mildly golden. Its flavour is creamy and nutty with fresh fruity undertones.


Tilsiter style cheese, known in Latvia as Russian cheese, is the most popular, everyday table cheese. Tilsiter is a semi-hard cheese that is pale yellow in colour. Tilsiter cheeses have a medium-firm texture with irregular holes or cracks.

Tilsiter cheese originates from the East-Prussian city of Tilsit (now Sovetsk in the district of Kaliningrad).