Simply delicious! Cesvaine Cheeseā€¦

Every morning, after tasting the freshly delivered milk, the dairymaster begins the artisanal production process – the nurturing of every piece of cheese to maturity until it develops the personality of a certain cheese style and variety. Each individual piece of cheese is then monitored by the master cheesemaker every day, based on the cheese type.

We are currently producing three styles of cheese: Gouda, Maasdam and Tilsiter.

Gouda style cheeses have a characteristic light, smooth texture that matures to a firm, smooth texture and a specific, rich, mature flavour that comes with the age of the cheese or length of ripening period.

Maasdam style cheeses are distinct and recognizable due to their big holes. Day by day, the cheese eyes, or big holes, grow and form over several months, just as a living organism.

Tilsiter style cheeses are the most common everyday table cheeses. They have a characteristic semi-firm texture with irregular holes or cracks.

The Smoked cheese made by “Cesvaines Piens” acquires its flavour and aroma through a 3 hour curing process in an alderwood smokehouse at a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

An overview of the cheese-making process:


Fresh milk – pasteurization – addition of starter cultures – formation of cheese curds – draining and pressing of cheese curds – salting – drying – ageing – waxing/packaging.